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At Cooperative Health Care, we are proud of the legacy we have developed. It is a legacy where we have helped thousands of disabled individuals and older adults to maintain their standard of living. If you take the time to learn our story, we believe you will gain an appreciation of all of the things we do to help people at home. Our genuine commitment to going the extra mile is not just job-related, but it is a way of life as well.

As our founder, Fran Sontag had a lot of drive and determination to help people who were overlooked and who could not be an advocate for themselves. With this goal in mind, she began her career by providing in-house education for a group of ten disabled young adults. She served them with incredible zeal, but she quickly realized that additional in-house services would be a tremendous benefit to them. Sontag, first of all, looked to see what was missing in their daily lives. She realized that meeting their needs for meal preparation, showering, and dressing was needed because it would help them further their educational needs.

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1924 Marconi Ave, St. Louis,63110,St. Louis, MO


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